Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Are you a Scandal Action Coordinator?

Each scandal should have a contact point where people can go to act on a Scandal.

Downing Street Memo?

Iraq's WMDs?

Cheney's industry driven Energy policy?

Help us turn words into action! Coordinate people's thoughts into action & lead the effort!

Submit your group -- if it sincere, we'll endorse it & send people your way!

Submit a Bush Scandal!

So that we can track them, if you've got a Bush Scandal, please post it here. We'll get it in the proper category or make a new one if it warrants it.

Wanna help?

We need help tracking all of Bush's scandals. There's no way -- with all the crap that's we're digging up -- can any ONE person do so.

So you wanna help?

The idea is that we organize all the scandals in one area that way we can:

1. track all of them
2. supply you info on who to contact to ACT on these scandals.

This is NOT a site about each scandal's details. Rather, we want to summarize it, list each one & then give you the organizations that are doing something about it.

Thanks, tk.